Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love Is Coming Down

           The stockings are hung, and the tree is adorned with ornaments. We sit and watch the twinkling of the shiny lights and sparkling balls.
             The mantle is decorated with garland and lights and trees. The nativity is there arranged with the shepherds and sheep. In the middle of it all is the ceramic Baby Jesus resting in His manger with Mary and Joseph close by watching it all unfold.
             And it is unfolding…the days of Christmas are unfolding before me, and I see in my child’s gleaming eyes the wonder and majesty of the season.
             I remind myself that this unfolding of the holiday cannot be found in wrapped gifts. It cannot be bought or made by delicate stitches embroidered on a gift.
            This holiday is not a product that can be put on a list to be checked twice and delivered by a jolly fat man in a red suit.  This holiday can only be found. It can only be found in the unfolding of the one who IS Christmas into our lives. This holiday is Jesus.
            Christmas is the delightful anticipation of the birth of the Christ child who came down full of love. Joy To The World! Love is coming down!
            And in the stillness of the moment with the lights glistening and the advent candle glimmering, I can almost hear the shepherds chatting with childlike giddiness upon finding the King. I imagine the angelic voices that proclaimed his birth. Can you hear it, too? Can you feel it…the excitement? They found Him, and we can, too!
          What if we all just slowed down this season to breathe deep and set aside lists and stressful expectations?             
          What if we all just simply waited with our hearts wide open for the unfolding of the Messiah?
           The King of the World arrived without fanfare, parades or horns. He came quietly and gently, just as He beckons to us today…quietly and gently, saying, “Be still and know…”
           Might I encourage us all to be still and know the precious child who waits for us this Christmas?
          There, in the cradling trough, is the Christ babe, and He is still there. Won’t you come with me to see him, to hold him?
           Slow down this season. Listen for His coming. Feel His coming. He will soon be here…this King…our Emmanuel. O Come Let Us Adore Him!!!

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  1. Beautiful!!! I don't want to miss a thing about Christmas, and I want to absorb every single second. Beautiful reminder, sweet friend. Thank you.

    So nice to 'meet' you today! I blog at "Only A Breath" and would love for you to stop by and visit :)