Friday, December 2, 2011

My Newest Christmas Decoration

After seeing the idea for making a Christmas tree from a tomato plant cage, I decided to attempt it. However, finding a tomato cage in December is, well, impossible. So, I remembered that I had an old cemetery flower easel in the storage room and thought I could use the same idea of decorating the tomato cage, but use the easel instead. Most floral shops have these easels and will gladly give one away.
The first thing I did was wrap the stand down to the triangle portion with garland. I used a couple different kinds of garland, because I didn't have enough of just one kind to wrap the whole stand. You can't tell that there are more than one kind, because I weaved them together.
Next, I wrapped my lights around it. I used 1 strand of colored lights and 1 strand of white lights.
 Then, I wrapped some mesh ribbon around it and put a shiny star at the top.  I poked the legs of the easel into the ground all the way up to the triangle part. It looks just like a Christmas tree as you drive by.
 I got some ornaments to put on it yesterday and will finish it off this afternoon.  This project was super easy!!!! And it turned out really pretty!!!
What are some easy Christmas decorations you have done this year?

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